Way Around Using Medium for Learning Programming as a Developer

Way Around Using Medium for Learning Programming as a Developer

As a developer, one way or the other you would have heard of Medium or stumbled upon it while trying to solving a programming problem.

As a developer I could remember the great help I got from using Medium. Their platform is not like other platforms that bombard you with ads.

However, sadly, nothing goes for nothing, Medium has got to pay her bills, right. In order for them to bring you contents without ads, you will have become a member.

And for you to become a member, it is more than just clicking a button. You will have to pay to be a member.

I discovered this hack when I was developing a web app with Nodejs, but I have to tell you a thing or two to take to heart.

Disclaimer: The hack I’m about to show in this post are for educational purposes only. As we at mycodgist strongly believe that writers should get paid.

Using Medium for the first time – no need to pay

If you visit Medium for the first time, you may not need to pay. However, your number of visits are being tracked.

After a couple of visits, you will be required to sign in. This is the point where they’ll just give you a sneak peek into the blog post you want to read.

For a developer who is trying to solve a coding problem, you’ll just have to sign in.

Can I Get My Programming Solution After Signing In?

After you must have signed in, yes you can get your programming solution, but I can’t guarantee that and this is why;

If you have signed in previously and logged out and now you are logging in because you want to view a content, you are still going to get restricted.

This time, Medium will require that you become a member.

How you can get access for the meantime

Since you got that restriction in google chrome, I believe you have more than one browser at least.

If not please go and download other browsers like Opera, Firefox etc.

Open up either one of them. Let’s go with Opera. Open up Opera and copy the URL of what the content you want to access from Chrome.

Then paste the URL of the post into Opera.

Oops! We still got blocked. 🙈🙈🙈

Alright this what we are going to do, we are going to clear our cache on Opera. In my own case I have already used it to access medium a couple of times.

So, we are going to clear the cache on my opera browser

Voila! This is what we got, we can now access the content we want.

So now, even if you are not a web developer, you now know how to get access to restricted content on Medium.

Well, in my own case I have just 2 free stories for this month.

If you find this post helpful, please help spread the love.

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